Wenn Sie an England denken, woran denken Sie dann als erstes? Ist Ihnen das Terrain, das Sie mit der englischen Sprache betreten bekannt, oder erschließen sich Ihnen bisher nur die touristischen Attraktionen entlang ausgetretener Pfade? 

Erfahren Sie mehr über Englands Geschichte und politische Prägung, sein Verhältnis zu Deutschland und begreifen Sie mehr, was die englische Kultur und Sprache auszeichnet. An acht Nachmittagen haben Sie die Gelegenheit, in kurzen Vorträgen und im offenen Dialog mit Ihrem Dozent neue Trittsicherheit im Umgang mit der englischen Sprache zu erlangen.

Uhrzeit: 15 bis 17 Uhr

Themen der englischen Kultur

Themen & Kalender

The rise and Decline of the British Empire (15.11.2017)

How did it happen that a very small island off the coast of Europe managed to create and then lose the largest empire in history?


A look at the British landscape from long before the first human impact to its modern despoilers. 

‘DON’T MENTION THE WAR’ (07.02.2018)

There has been nothing more central to Europe’s twentieth century than the extraordinary  relationship between Britain and Germany.

In 1890, an Anglo-German war seemed utterly fantastic, but in 2001, beating Germany 5 – 1 at football turned perfectly sane people all over England mad with joy. 

SPITALFIELDS (14.03.2018)

If you love London, go, on your next visit, to a district in the East End, near Brick Lane and Liverpool Street, called Spitalfields. Its streets have witnessed waves of immigration, great prosperity and dreadful poverty. The shadow of Jack the Ripper crossed its courts and alleys. Here, in one neighbourhood, are two thousand years of English history. But go there soon – the commercial towers are spreading from the City of London, encroaching upon the historic core of Spitalfields.

ENGLISH WEATHER (11.04.2018)

Why do the English always talk about weather (the English language is rich in weather vocabulary) and why does it have such a bad reputation? Is it all the fault of Dickens, Conan Doyle and Edgar Wallace?


The English attitude to home and property. Past and present of the English country house and park – perhaps Britain’s greatest contribution to European art and culture.

SPIES (27.06.2018)

Few countries have dominated any industry as Britain has dominated the industry of producing fictional spies. Is this because of the British obsession with secrecy?


Festive dishes and other favourites.


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