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New Online English Test from Cambridge

Linguaskill Anywhere is a quick and easy-to-use online English language test to prove your language level for work or study. Four language skills (writing, speaking, reading & listening) are tested in three parts, which can be booked individually. The test provides reliable and fast results within 3 working days. The following two test versions are available, differing only in content, the format remains the same:

LINGUASKILL GENERAL ENGLISH for everyday situations

The Linguaskill online test can be taken at any time and anywhere - whether in the comfort of your own home or at work, in order to assess the English language skills of an applicant or employee.


FAST: results within 3 working days
FLEXIBLE: anywhere, anytime
MODULAR: bundle or single test
TRUSTED: reliable Cambridge quality


3 modules (reading & listening, writing, speaking)
General or business English
Fee: 159,- €

1 module (freely selectable in online shop)
General or business English
Fee: 89,- €

Book your Linguaskill Test

Please book your Linguaskill test by clicking the link below. We will process your request as soon as possible. 

Please note that it takes up to 3 business days (weekends and public holidays excluded) to process your booking request. We will send the email with exam link to you as soon as it is ready.

It takes up to 3 business days to issue the certificate after receiving the test completion email.




Cancellation and Malpractice

Please note that after you have booked and paid your Linguaskill test we will generate your individual access data and a cancellation and refund is no longer possible.

All candidates must follow the instructions given by Talview and Metrica fully. Any violation of the instructions is deemed as malpractice and will be reported to Cambridge Assessment English. Malpractice includes: Identity fraud, impersonation, the use of unauthorised tools, communication with third parties and any other form of candidate behaviour that may render the test invalid. Candidates who commit any form of malpractice will not receive a result and their test will be considered null and void, nor will they receive a refund of the test fee under any circumstances.


Reading & Listening, approx. 60 - 85 min

Reading comprehension

READ & SELECT: Candidates read a note, chart, inscription, memo or letter containing a short text and select the sentence or part of a sentence that best matches the content of the text. There are three possible answers.

GAPPED SENTENCES: Candidates read a sentence in which a word is missing (gap) and choose the correct word to fill the gap. There are 4 words to choose from for each gap.

MULTIPLE-CHOICE GAP-FILL: Candidates choose the correct word or phrase to fill the gaps in an entire text. There are four words or phrases to choose from for each gap.

OPEN GAPP-FILL: Candidates read a short text with words missing (gaps) and write a suitable word in each gap.

EXTENDED READING: Candidates read a longer text and answer a series of multiple-choice questions. The questions are in the same order as the information in the text.

Listening comprehension

LISTEN & SELECT: Candidates listen to a short recording and answer multiple-choice questions with three options.

EXTENDED LISTENING: Candidates listen to a longer recording and answer a series of multiple-choice questions about it. The questions are in the same order as the information heard in the recording.

Writing, approx. 45 min


For the writing test candidates have to enter answers via a computer keyboard. The answers are automatically corrected by the computer and the results are therefore available within 12 hours. The test consists of two parts, each part accounts for 50% of the final mark.

PART 1 - EMAIL (min 50 words): Candidates read a short text, usually an e-mail. They use the information in this text to write an email of at least 50 words. Candidates should spend about 15 minutes on this task.

PART 2 - LONG TEXT (min 180 words): The starting point for this task is a short text outlining a situation. Candidates answer using the information given in the text and three additional bullet points.

Speaking, 15 min

The Speaking test is carried out on the computer using a microphone and headphones. The questions are presented to the candidates on the screen and also explained verbally through the headphones and the answers are recorded. There are five parts in the Speaking test and each part is scored equally (20%).

PART 1 - INTERVIEW (8 questions): Candidates answer eight questions about themselves (the first two questions are not marked). 

PART 2 - READING ALOUD (8 questions): Candidates read eight sentences aloud.

PART 3 - LONG TURN 1 (1 question): Candidates are given a topic to talk about for 1 minute. They are given 40 seconds to prepare. 

PART 4 - LONG TURN 2 (1 question): Candidates are given one or more graphics (e.g. a chart, diagram or an information sheet) to talk about for 1 minute. They are given one minute to prepare for this.

PART 5 - COMMUNICATION (5 questions): Candidates give their opinion on a specific topic by answering 5 questions. They are given one minute of preparation time.


Linguaskill results are presented in a clear and easy-to-understand test report:

  • Score on the Cambridge English Scale for each language skill tested
  • Language level on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for each tested language skill
  • Average Cambridge English score and CEFR level, if more than one skill has been tested
  • Explanation of what each score means in terms of English language ability
  • Information about the test variant: Linguaskill General or Business English

Download sample test report

Linguaskill assesses English language ability from below A1 to C1 or above on the CEFR:

Score CEFR level
180+ C1 or above
160–179 B2
140–159 B1
120–139 A2
100–119 A1
82–99 Below A1


In order to take the Linguaskill Anywhere test at home or at work, the following requirements must be met:

Technical requirements

  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • Webcam, speaker and microphone
  • Preferably external headphones with microphone
  • Stable internet connection (minimum 512kbps)

Room requirements

  • Quiet, bright room in private environment
  • Besides computer/laptop, desk must be free of electronic devices and documents
  • Prepared notes, work/course/dictionary and other English aids are not allowed
  • You must be alone in the room for the entire duration of the test
  • Food and drinks are not allowed during the test
  • Writing notes during the test is not allowed
  • Recording of the test session is not allowed



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