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The accurate English test with fast results

Linguaskill Anywhere is a quick and easy-to-use online English language test to prove your language level for work or study. Four language skills (writing, speaking, reading & listening) are tested in three parts. Powered by Artificial Intelligence technology, the test provides reliable and fast results within 5 working days(5 to 7 working days during the Christmas holiday) upon the test completion email from the test taker.

Numerous educational institutions, companies and private individuals worldwide use the flexible Linguaskill Anywhere online language test to assess their English level. Thanks to its flexibility, the test can be used as a recognized proof of English in a wide variety of fields, such as in the application process, for study purpose, or for private use entirely.

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Linguaskill test versions

There are two Linguaskill test versions available, which differ only in content and topic, the format remains the same:

  • LINGUASKILL GENERAL ENGLISCH General English for everyday situations in both private and professional life. Linguaskill General tests the language of everyday life, which includes topics such as learning and working, planning for the future, travel and technology.

  • LINGUASKILL BUSINESS ENGLISCH Business English for topics in the Business world. Linguaskill Business English tests the language used in business and corporate settings. Test topics include buying and selling products and services, the office, business travel, and human resources.

Linguaskill Test Results

Linguaskill test results are provided within 5 working days (5 to 7 working days during Christmas holiday) upon the test completion email from the test taker. Linguaskill has been extensively researched and tested to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results. Thanks to a computer-generated test report, there is no need to wait for a printed certificate or other documents. Results are based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), the international benchmark for describing language ability.

Linguaskill results are presented in a clear Test Report. The Report will show you:

  • your candidate‘s Cambridge English Scale score for each skill
  • your candidates’ Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) Level for each skill tested language ability
  • an average Cambridge English Scale score and associated CEFR level, if more than one skill has been taken
  • an explanation of what each score means in terms of English language ability
  • whether the candidate took the Business or General test.

    Score (CEFR Level)

    180+ (C1 or above)
    160-179 (B2)
    140-159 (B1)
    120-139 (A2)
    100-119 (A1)
    82-99 (Below A1)

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    Book & run the test

    After successful booking and payment, you will receive an email with all test information within a maximum of 5 working days. Please understand that we accept international passport only. Please be aware that you must present your passport during the test. In addition to the access link to the test portal, you will also receive a detailed step-by-step guide on how to run the test and on the technical set-up. Please note that we can only accpt candidates who live in Germany and Austria during the test.

    After receiving the access data, you can attend the online test at home at any time. All you need is a quiet room, a computer, an internet connection, a microphone and headphones. You must be at least 16 years old.

    Linugaskill modules and fees

    The Linguaskill language test is divided into three modules:

    1 Reading & Listening
    2 Writing
    3 Speaking

    General or Business English | Bundle | 3 modules | 169 €

    LinguaSkill Test Downtime Schedule

    15. Feb, 2024
    22. May, 2024
    31. July, 2024
    25. Sep, 2024 
    12. Dec, 2024

    Benefits of Linguaskill Online

    Benefits of Linguaskill Online

    • FastTest results are available within 5 working days after test completion email.
    • ModularLinguaskill consists of three test modules, which can be booked individually or as a full test.
    • FlexibleLinguaskill offers flexibility in terms of location and time. The test can be taken flexibly from home at any time.
    • MultilevelLinguaskill includes several levels so that candidates with different knowledge can be assessed with the same test.
    • ReliableLinguaskill was developed by Cambridge Assessment English, a department of Cambridge University, and is the result of many years of research.