Exam Preparation for C2 Proficiency

C2 Proficiency (CPE) | Level C2 (CEFR)

The CPE certificate is proof of your outstanding English language proficiency. By passing the exam, you demonstrate that you have a fluent and confident command of the English language, almost reaching the level of a native speaker, and are therefore able to work and study at the highest professional and academic levels.

The exam preparation course is suitable for (prospective) students and adults.

Please note: This course is solely for practicing exam format and technique. Language courses to improve your English skills can be found here

The minimum level required for participation is C1+ (CEFR*). You can determine your language level through the free and non-binding Cambridge placement test.

Course Details




1 x per week, Tuesday, 6.25pm – 21.10pm Course block of 18 teaching units (TU) TU of 50 minutes each.


6 - 12 participants per group Course placement based on proficiency levels


330 € / Course including materials



Optional add-on: Cambridge University Certificate C2 Proficiency


06.08.24 - 10.09.24
Register until: 23.07.24 | EXAM TARGET: CPE 14.09.24 (CB)
01.10.24 - 05.11.24
Register until: 17.09.24 | EXAM TARGET: CPE 09.11.24 (CB)
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