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English Training & Certification

English Training & Certification

A workforce equipped with strong English skills is a critical success factor for companies operating on the international stage. This essential competency enables effective and confident communication with international customers and partners, providing a decisive advantage in a competitive environment.

The Cambridge Institut offers tailored solutions to assess, train, and certify the language skills of your employees, aligning with the specific needs and goals of your company. Our commitment extends beyond imparting English skills; we aim to empower your team with language proficiency to navigate successfully in the global business world.

What we offer

Expertise and Experience: Our extensive experience in English training and certification, coupled with specialized expertise, allows us to deliver tailored solutions.

Individual Learning: Our programs are designed to cater to the individual needs and learning styles of employees, ensuring optimal results.

Versatile Training Options: Whether conducted at your premises, our training rooms, or the virtual classroom, our interactive sessions offer flexibility for both group and individual training.

Innovative E-Learning: With Cambridge iLearn, we offer independent learning via a state-of-the-art e-learning platform that complements interactive lessons and enables a comprehensive learning experience as well as individual monitoring of learning progress.

Evaluation & Certification: Utilising the latest online English tests from reputable providers, we assist in evaluating and certifying the language skills of your employees.

Flexibility: Our programs are tailored for modern professionals, accommodating busy schedules with flexible class times across different time zones, enabling international teams to seamlessly integrate effective English learning into their work routine.

Targeted Approach: Our goal is to deliver tangible improvements in English proficiency directly contributing to your business goals.

We would be happy to advise you on our Corporate English Training in more detail.

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What distinguishes us

With several decades of experience, we offer first-class English corporate training covering a wide range of industries including banking, finance, healthcare, technology and government sectors to name but a few.

Our tailor-made training content is designed to meet the language requirements of your industry, department or function. Our experienced language trainers, with competence in fields relating to Secialist English, ensure relevant, practical training applicable to your working environment. Special emphasis is placed on improving communication skills with authentic business English and empowering employees to apply what they have learned effectively in their day-to-day work.

Quality features of our corporate training

  • Homogenous Groups: Participants are grouped based on their language proficiency (A2 to C1/2) for an optimal learning experience.

  • Small Group Size: An average of 6 to a maximum of 10 participants allows for personal attention and individualised instruction.

  • Highly Qualified Trainers: Native-speaking trainers from various English-speaking countries provide authentic instruction exclusively in English.

  • Language Activation: The focus is on actively using the English language, particularly in speaking and listening, considering specific business vocabulary and grammar.

  • Relevant Topics: In addition to specific content, tailored to our needs, we cover all essential aspects of business communication, including written correspondence, phone calls, meetings, presentations, negotiations, and small talk.

  • Cambridge iTeach & iLearn: State-of-the-art online platforms for convenient classes and access to our online learning platform for supplementary self-study.

  • Lesson Duration: 50 minutes (above industry standards).

  • Flexible Planning: Customize the training sessions according to your needs and integrate them into your daily work routine. 

English Assessment & Certification

The Cambridge Institut operates as a professional examination center for candidates from universities and institutions worldwide, collaborating with the most prestigious global partners.


Through partnerships with globally recognised organizations like Cambridge University, the British Council, and LanguageCert, we offer access to a comprehensive range of English tests and certifications. This includes not only the globally established Cambridge Certificate exams but also newer test options that can be conveniently taken online from anywhere. This enables you to comprehensively assess, test, and certify the language knowledge of your employees. The Cambridge Institut serves as a professional examination center for candidates from universities and institutions worldwide, collaborating with the most prestigious global partners.

Online Learning Platform Cambridge iLearn

Use our modern iLearn online platform for supplementary self-study:

  • Unlimited 24/7 access to the online platform
  • Wide range of interactive activities
  • Suitable for all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)