Business English Evening Courses

Your professional success starts here.

Your professional success starts here.

In our globalised business world, the competent mastery of the English language has never been as important as it is today.

In a time when companies are increasingly expanding into international markets and cross-border networking is constantly growing, solid English language skills are essential and are becoming increasingly fundamental for a successful professional career.

Communicate confidently & effectively in the International Business World.

Our business courses are specifically designed for working professionals who want to apply and enhance their English language skills effectively and professionally in business situations. The language training is conducted exclusively in English and delivered by experienced and highly qualified native-speaking trainers.

What do our Business English courses offer?

In our courses, you will acquire the language knowledge and skills to express yourself confidently, fluently, and naturally in the business world in English. We provide you with effective communication skills for various workplace situations, enabling you to use your English in a variety of professional contexts. Additionally, we practice conducting presentations, (online) meetings, and negotiations in English. Lastly, you will gain insights into the art of small talk in English to establish and maintain international contacts.

Which language levels do we cover?

Our Business English courses cover nearly the entire spectrum of language levels, from B1 Business Preliminary to C1/C2 Business Advanced. Whether you want to deepen your existing knowledge or build your English skills from the ground up, we have the right course for you.

Take the first step!

Invest in your professional future and enroll in our Business English course today. We will prepare you for the challenges of the international business world.

Course Content & Levels

Business English courses are offered at the following language proficiency levels. Regardless of your chosen level, topics such as presentations, meetings, business negotiations, networking, communication, business correspondence, teamwork, social interactions, small talk, and grammar are comprehensively covered.

Business Preliminary (B1) & Business Pre-Vantage (B1+)

If you already have a grasp of the basics of Business English and wish to use your English skills more effectively and professionally in business situations.

Business Vantage (B2) & Business Higher (B2+)

This level aims to help you further develop your advanced language skills so that you can confidently navigate unforeseen professional situations.

Business Advanced | C1/C2

For those who already possess a strong command of the English language in a business context and seek precise application in diverse situations.