Exam Preparation for C1 Advanced

C1 Advanced (CAE) | Level C1 (CEFR)

The CAE certificate provides evidence that you have the necessary English language skills for a challenging academic and professional environment.

The goal of the C1 Advanced (CAE) Focus Course is to teach you the required language skills and exam techniques to successfully pass the C1 Advanced exam.

The course content covers all language requirements for the exam sections of Reading & Use of English, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Written assignments outside of the course hours will help you deepen your knowledge, especially in the Writing exam section.

The course program is based on an official C1 Advanced (CAE) coursebook from Cambridge University Press as well as sample exams. The lessons are conducted exclusively in English by qualified, native-speaking teachers.

Please note: This course is exclusively for practicing exam format and technique. Language courses to enhance your English language skills can be found here.

The minimum level required for participation is B2+ (CEFR*). You can assess your language level through the free and non-binding Cambridge placement test.

The Focus Course is offered in two variations:

  • Regular Course: The regular course takes place once a week in the evening, either on Wednesday or Thursday, over a period of six weeks.
  • Intensive Course: The intensive exam preparation course is conducted over six consecutive afternoons.



Course Details




REGULAR: 1 x per week, Wed or Thu, 6.25pm - 21.10pm INTENSIVE: 6 days (consecutive), Wed to Wed, 13:30 - 16:20 h Course block: 18 teaching units (tu), 1 tu = 50 mins.


6 - 12 participants per group Placement based on proficiency levels


330 € / Course including materials



Optional additional booking: Cambridge University Certificate C1 Advanced


14.08.24 - 18.09.24
CAE Prep ONL REGULAR, Register until: 31.07| EXAM TARGET: 21.09.2024 (CB)
12.09.24 - 24.10.24
CAE Prep ONL REGULAR, Register until: 29.08.| 26.10.2024 (CB)
09.10.24 - 13.11.24
CAE Prep ONL REGULAR, Register until: 25.09 | 16.11.2024 (CB)
31.10.24 - 05.12.24
CAE Prep ONL REGULAR, Register until: 17.10.| 07.12.2024 (CB)
07.08.24 - 14.08.24
BUNDLE: 6 days, Wed-Wed 13.30-16.20h. Register until: 24.07.| EXAM TARGET: 24.08.2024 (CB)
Course-free days: 01.11.2023 and 09.05.2024Book Now