Our Philosophy

For nearly 60 years, the Cambridge Institut has been providing qualified and individualised English language training, with professionalism, subject expertise, and the highest quality standards at the core. The continuous development of teaching methods ensures optimal learning success.

Our philosophy is that, alongside the academic knowledge, a deeper understanding of English culture is essential for competent and self-assured language use. Therefore, our language courses not only cultivate a confident linguistic presence but also foster intercultural competence.

"Our goal is to provide course participants with optimal support in realizing their full language potential."

Success factors

There are some good reasons why the Cambridge Institute has been successfully and passionately teaching the English language and culture in Munich for over 60 years:

  1. Active, hands-on language training.
  2. Small, homogeneous groups.
  3. Qualified native-speaking language trainers.
  4. Instruction exclusively in English.
  5. No long-term contractual commitment.
  6. Language levels from A1 to C2.

Teaching methods and course content

After a placement test developed specifically by the Cambridge Institute and a personal guidance with experienced course instructors, an assessment corresponding to individual language skills and needs is carried out.

State-of-the-art teaching methods and their continuous development through close association with Cambridge English Assessment as part of the University of Cambridge prepare course participants optimally for their studies and careers.

Course content and learning concepts are tailored to current market needs. For example, Cambridge Blended Learning, with a combination of e-learning and live instruction, ensures efficient and flexible language learning.

Course Offerings

Our course offerings are designed for students, professionals, and school students. Our English courses are offered for every level - with the aim of expanding and perfecting language competence for the respective area.

Professionals enhance their career opportunities with Business English. Busy managers work with personal language trainers on individual goals and priorities. Our experienced teachers prepare young adults for their graduation or admission exams.