Holiday courses for Abitur preparation

Holiday courses to prepare for English Abitur - online or in-Person

Our Abitur preparation courses take place during school holidays and are designed for students in the 12th and 13th grades of Gymnasien in Bavaria. The courses are conducted exclusively in English.

Participants will be grouped into homogeneous classes based on their grade and prior knowledge. The course content is aligned with the Bavarian school curriculum, with a strong focus on active training to reinforce thematic vocabulary and grammar.

Courses are offered both face-to-face or in-person. To participate in our virtual classroom, you will only need an internet-enabled device such as a laptop, PC, tablet, or smartphone, along with a camera and a microphone.

The course will be conducted provided a minimum number of participants is reached.

The following targeted exercises and exam-relevant tasks are covered:

  • Written Exam: Listening comprehension, text tasks ('mediation' is excluded).
  • Oral Exam: Presentation content, presentation structure, presentation techniques.

Please indicate your school grade in the comments field and specify whether you wish to prepare for the written or oral Abitur.

Course Details


Online or on-site at the Cambridge Institut Munich (Courses held depending on min. no. of participants)


4-5 days during Bavarian school holidays 14.15 - 17.05h 3 tu à 50 min. (incl. break) (*tu = teaching unit)


min. 4 to max. 8 participants per group


285 € Fasching holidays 5 days 228 € Autumn/Easter/Whitsun holidays 4 days



Optional additional booking: Cambridge University or LanguageCert certificate: C2 | C1 | B2 | B1 | A2


25.03.24 - 28.03.24
Abitur prep Easter F2F, reg. until 08.03.
25.03.24 - 28.03.24
Abitur prep Easter ONL, reg. until 08.03.
21.05.24 - 24.05.24
Abitur prep (oral) Whitsun F2F, reg. until 03.05.
21.05.24 - 24.05.24
Abitur prep (oral) Whitsun ONL, reg. until 03.05.
Course-free days: 01.11. When registering, please indicate in the "Message" box your school grade and whether it is a preparation for the written or oral Abitur.Book Now