NEW: German Courses
at Cambridge Institut Munich

"Unser Herz schlägt bilingual."
This German expression translates as "Our heart is bilingual,"
and it exemplifies best all that the Cambridge Institut has stood for
over six decades of language education and cultural understanding.

We are excited to introduce our recently launched German courses at the Cambridge Institut in Munich. You can choose between face-to-face and online classes. These classes are heldby native speakers and maintain our exceptional standards, thanks to our highly qualified German teachers.

This expansion not only reflects the growing demand for German proficiency but also underscores our commitment to providing our participants with a comprehensive language experience and support for integration in Germany.

Whether you are seeking German for professional purposes, university admission, social engagement, or cultural enrichment, we have tailored courses to suit your needs. Situated in Munich, our institute is uniquely positioned to teach not just the German language but also its rich history and culture.

While the concept is not entirely new – German courses were part of our early offerings – we are now revisiting our origins with a fresh objective. In a world with expanding international opportunities, the synergy of English and German not only enhances communication skills but also opens avenues for professional and academic growth, providing valuable insights into socialand cultural perspectives for a successful and enjoyable life in Germany, as a second home.

Explore Our German Courses

Whether you want to learn German intensively, use your time during the day, opt for a semi-intensive course in the evening, or take it easy once a week in our Afterwork course - we have tailored options to meet your preferences.

German courses

German for Work & Study

German for Work & Study

Are you planning to work or study in Germany? A German language certificate is essential for this purpose!

Our German courses are designed to open all doors to the professional world and academic life for you. We not only ensure excellent development of your German language skills at the highest level but also provide insight into German culture and society.

Whether it is exam preparation, business German, academic terminology, or regional language nuances – we offer a wide range of options so that you can become a part of German life both personally and professionally.

Practical German

Practical German

Our hands-on teaching methods comprise both analog and digital exercises, targeting your continuous learning success. We are happy to prepare you for everyday situations such as doctor's visits, job interviews, and appointments with authorities. Show courage, even if your German is not perfect – or as the Germans say so beautifully: He who dares, wins.

Our qualified German trainers support your speaking and written skills, allowing you to express yourself in German individually or in groups – there is something for every learning style!

TestDaF - Test German as a foreign language

TestDaF - Test German as a foreign language

With targeted guidance, we lead you through exam preparations and language proficiency tests across various learning stages, ensuring the successful completion of your language proficiency level. Additionally, there is the opportunity to take the digital TestDaF exam for the TestDaF Certificate B2/C1 directly with us. Our qualified teachers and examiners will assist you in successfully completing the four exam components – reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression, and oral expression.

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