Free Placement Test

To assess your current level of German and assist you in finding the ideal course for you, we offer a placement test (written and oral).

Based on the test results, we will provide you with feedback on areas where you need improvement and suggest the most suitable course level and type for you.



The test is non-binding and free of charge and can be taken online or in person.

Please note: The results of the placement test are determined based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Please be aware that this placement test is not considered an official language examination.



1. Take a placement test

Get in touch with us to complete our specially designed placement test. The test can be taken either in person or online.

After the written test (online/in person), you will undergo a short oral test (via phone/in person) with our course instructor.

Once your overall language level has been determined, we will assist you in finding the right course for your current needs and future goals.

2. Find your course

We offer courses ranging from general German to exam preparation and individual language training.

Our course management team will assist you in finding a course that matches your language level and specific needs.

Once you've selected your course, booking can be done quickly and easily through our online shop.

3. Get started!

Practice actively and develop your language skills in exclusive, small groups.

Learn German with qualified native-speaking teachers.

Obtain a language certificate if desired.

Unleash your language potential with us!