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Closing the Chapter after 30 years - end of Cambridge BEC Exams

As of 2024, Cambridge University Press & Assessment has officially terminated the BEC examination series, which previously evaluated Business English proficiency. Alternatives offered to the phased-out BEC examinations are as follows:

Cambridge English Qualifications

Cambridge English Qualifications, including C1 Advanced, B2 First, and B1 Preliminary, offer an alternative that is on par with the discontinued Business English Certificates (BEC). These qualifications comprehensively cover the language skills applicable to diverse professional settings, incorporating contemporary testing methodologies to keep pace with evolving language norms. Recognised worldwide, a Cambridge English Qualifications guarantees an accurate assessment of language proficiency.

Linguaskill Business from Cambridge

Linguaskill Business from Cambridge introduces the next generation of Business English certification. This online English proficiency test makes it quick and easy to evaluate your Business English language skills. While not primarily intended for academic or immigration purposes, it serves as a practical alternative for assessing language competence within a business context.


Another option to evaluate and certify your English proficiency is the widely recognised English test, IELTS. Not only can you take the test at our center, but you can also take advantage of our preparatory IELTS sessions. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is highly popular and is accepted worldwide for academic and immigration purposes; many educational institutions and governments globally recognise and accept IELTS results.