A2 Key Exam

The KET is a qualification at the basic level, demonstrating your ability to communicate in simple English situations.

The KET certificate confirms that you can understand simple English texts, short messages, and basic spoken instructions, as well as communicate in familiar situations. Furthermore, you are qualified to comprehend basic idiomatic expressions, introduce yourself, and respond to simple questions about yourself as a person.

The Cambridge Institute Munich offers both computer-based (CB) and paper-based (PB) administration of the exam. The two formats only differ in the way the exam is conducted, with identical content and difficulty levels.

Course Details


Cambridge Institut München, ggf. externe Location in Münchner Innenstadt Cambridge Institut Munich, possibly at an external location in Munich city center


Once or twice a year. Written and Speaking on the same day. Except for high number of registrations, speaking possibly on the day before.


At least 3 people Maximum size depends on the exam format and capacity


160 € After the registration deadline: plus €55 late registration fee; Acceptance subject to availability



Cambridge English Certificate A2 Key (KET)


20.03.24 - 20.03.24
(CB) Reg. until 05.03, results from 11.04
05.12.24 - 05.12.24
(CB) Reg. until 21.11, results from TBA
PB = paper-based. Exam is taken on paper. CB = computer-based. Exam is taken on computer at the test center. Both formats are equally valid.Book Now

Exam Preparation

Exam format

  • Reading and Writing (70 minutes)
  • Listening (approximately 30 minutes)
  • Speaking (maximum 10 minutes)

The Cambridge Institute Munich offers English intensive courses  to further develop existing English skills and reach the required language level for the A2 Key exam.

Self-study materials
Various workbooks with solutions and audio content are available for self-study. These materials can be found in major bookstores and online.

Sample tests
Free sample tests are available for preparation.

1) Sample test for A2 Key paper-based

2) Beispieltest für A2 Key computer-based. Vor dem Start des Beispieltest empfiehlt es sich, ein Tutorial zum genauen Ablauf anzusehen. 

  • Reading and Writing sample test
  • Listening sample test

Answer keys:

Solution approaches and examiner comments for the Reading and Writing Test 9 can be found in the A2 Key for Schools Handbook.

Information brochure
For more information about the A2 Key certificate, refer to the A2 Key Candidates Booklet.