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Your new TestDaF Exam Center

Your test center in a prime location in Munich

Your test center in a prime location in Munich

Our modern TestDaF center, centrally located in Munich, provides a secure environment equipped with state-of-the-art technology for a professional testing experience. Our TestDaF experts strictly adhere to guidelines to ensure a reliable and efficient examination process.

Registration is seamless through the official TestDaF website, ensuring a straightforward and standardized process for all participants.

TestDaF - Test German as a Foreign Language

TestDaF stands for Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache (Test of German as a Foreign Language) and is a standardised language proficiency test designed for non-native speakers of German who wish to study or work in a German-speaking environment. The test aims to assess individuals' language skills at various levels and is widely recognised in German-speaking countries.

Learn more about the TestDaF in this brochure. Please note that at the Cambridge Institut, we exclusively conduct the TestDaF Digital.

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Key Aspects of the TestDaF


The main purpose of the TestDaF is to assess the German language proficiency of non-native speakers. It is often a requirement for admission to German universities and colleges.


The test consists of four sections: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Each section assesses different language competencies.


  • Listening: Measures the ability to understand spoken German in various contexts such as lectures and conversations.
  • Reading: Tests the understanding of written German, including texts from academic and everyday contexts.
  • Writing: Requires test-takers to express themselves in writing, often in the form of essays or reports.
  • Speaking: Evaluates the ability to communicate verbally in German through discussions and presentations.


TestDaF is scored on a three-level scale: TDN 3 (TestDaF Level 3) to TDN 5 (TestDaF Level 5). Each section is scored individually, and the final result is an average of the scores.

Test centre

The TestDaF is conducted by test centers such as the Cambridge Institut Munich. Candidates can register via the official TestDaF website.


We offer various German courses, daytime or evening, intentive or semi-intensive preparing you for TestDaF at various levels


The TestDaF certificate is typically valid for two years, reflecting the test-taker's language proficiency at the time of the test.


Many German universities recognise TestDaF as evidence of language proficiency for admission purposes.

TestDaF Digital - Dates & Registration

TestDaF Digital - Dates & Registration

Exam date: 06 February 2024
Register until 25.01.2024 | Fee: 210 Euro
> Register here

Exam date: 26 March 2024
Register until 14.03.2024 | Fee: 210,00 Euro
> Register here

Exam date: 18 April 2024
Register from 02.01. until 09.04.2024 | Fee: 210 Euro
> Register here

TestDaF, g.a.s.t., and Cambridge Institut

TestDaF is a German proficiency test developed by g.a.s.t. (Society for Academic Study Preparation and Test Development). The Cambridge Institut serves as an authorised examination center and conducts the TestDaF Digital at selected dates in Munich.

For inquiries regarding exam registration, we kindly ask you to contact TestDaF:

TestDaF (Test of German as a Foreign Language) is the only standardised language test specifically designed for university admission in Germany. It is universally recognised by all universities nationwide as proof of German language proficiency for international applicants. The exam can be taken at more than 500 licensed test centers in over 100 countries worldwide.

g.a.s.t. (Society for Academic Study Preparation and Test Development) is significantly involved in the development and implementation of TestDaF and plays a central role in the promotion and support of international students. In this context, it collaborates on various projects, including the development of preparatory study programs and language tests such as TestDaF.

As an authorised test centre , the Cambridge Institut Munich regularly administers the TestDaF and also provides German preparatory courses. As an official partner of g.a.s.t., the centre ensures a professional testing environment. The German courses, led by experienced German trainers, assist participants in targeted preparation for the TestDaF.